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Physics Department Committees

Updated 2021-8-19. Subject to change without notice.

Administrative Committees
Department Chair
Paul Eugenio
Associate Chair
Nick Bonesteel
Administrative Advisory Committee
Chair: Eugenio
Askew, Hill, Hoeflich, Wiedenhöver, Van Winkle, Bonesteel
Ex-Officio Members: Blessing, Capstick, Credé, Zhou, Xiong
Chair: Frawley
Boebinger, Dobbs, Myers, Tabor, Tobioka, Yohay
Graduate Affairs
Co-Chairs: Capstick & Credé
Almaraz-Calderon, Baumbach, Cao, Gao, Hill, Murphy, Okui, Prosper, Tripathi
TA assignments: Van Winkle
PGSA rep., Ex-Officio member: Karem Peñalo
Web & Newsletter
Co-Chairs: Collins & Yang
Almaraz-Calderon, Hsiao, Manousakis, Myers, Ni, Roberts, Tobioka
Publicity & Awards
Chair: Piekarewicz
Dobrosavljevic, Greene, Hoeflich, Okui, Prosper, Cao, Tabor
Technical Personnel & IT
Chair: Xiong
Bonesteel, Johnson, Frawley, Gao, Kolberg, Ostrovidov, Tang, Volya, Wiedenhöver
Ex-Officio member: Ryan
Undergraduate Affairs
Chair: Blessing
Askew, Beekman, Changlani, Duke, Hori, Huffenberger, Johnson(Lon-CAPA), Roberts, Spieker
Written Proficiency Exam
Chair: Duke
Changlani, Chiorescu, Collins, Dobbs, Febres-Cordero, Hsiao, Kolberg, Lind, Tripathi, Vafek, Volya
New Building & Renovations
Chair: Wiedenhöver
Blessing, Cottle, Eugenio, Koetz, Hori, Spieker, Xiong
Chair: Dobrosavljevic
Boebinger, Credé, Hoeflich, Prosper, Reina, Vafek, Wiedenhöver
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
Chair: Greene
Adams, Beekman, Dobrosavljevic, Hill, Murphy, Prosper, Reina, Yohay
Postdoctoral Affairs Director
Ad Hoc Committees
Faculty Senators
Adams, Chiorescu, Hoeflich, Volya
Alternates: Manousakis, Piekarewicz, Yang
Departmental P & T Representative
Alternate: Adams
Statewide Course Numbering
Discipline Coordinator for Physics
Saturday Morning Physics
Chair: Beekman
Askew, Fossez, Huffenberger, Lind, Ni, Spieker
Physics Open House
Fall 2021
Chair: Hsiao
Dobbs, Febres-Cordero, Fossez
Introductory Lab Reform
Chair: Lind
Dirac Lectures
Chair: Reina
Febres-Cordero, Huffenberger, Okui, Piekarewicz, Tobioka
Public School Outreach
Cottle, Chiorescu
SPS Advisor
Awards Committees
PAI Award
Chair: Collins
Chiorescu, Okui, Tabor
Student Awards Mega-committee
Chair: Greene
This committee combines the old separate student award committees
Adams, Blessing, Beekman, Capstick, Dobrosavljevic, Fossez, Febres-Cordero, Gao, Hoeflich, Huffenberger, Piekarewicz, Tabor, Van Winkle, Wiedenhöver, Wilcoxon, Yohay, Xiong
Award Subcommittees:
Atom Award
Chair: Eugenio
Bonesteel, Zhou
Dirac-Hellmann Award
Chair: Reina
Dirac Fellowship
Chair: Dobrosavljevic
Febres-Cordero, Wiedenhöver
Fox Fellowship
Chair: Tabor
Piekarewicz, Xiong
Guenter Schwarz Award
Chair: Van Winkle
Hagopian Award
Chair: Adams
S. Hagopian, V. Hagopian
Lanutti Award
Chair: Askew
Poster Session
Dobrosavljevic, Febres-Cordero, Wiedenhöver
Lynn Shannon Proctor Award
Chair: Blessing
Novotny Graduate Award
Chair: Gao
Major Michael J. Mills Scholarship in Astrophysics
Chair: Huffenberger
Collins, Hsiao
Yung Li Wang Graduate Fellowship & J. W. Nelson Endowment
Chair: Xiong
Tabor, Piekarewicz
Anna Jane Hendren Runyan Graduate & Undergraduate Awards
Chair: Credé
Charles & Anna Uhrhan Scholarship
Chair: Blessing
Baugh Scholarship
Chair: Beekman
Piekarewicz, Yohay
Clara Kibler Davis Scholarship
Chair: Blessing
Richard L. Wilder Endowed Fund in the College of Arts & Science
Chair: Gao
in Physics every 3 years: 2019, 2022, ...
Piekarewicz, Wilcoxon