Physics on the WEB Welcome to the virtual reality

Below you will find a collection of internet sites assembled for use in the Saturday Morning Physics presentation on Oct. 21, 2017, by Prof. Vlad Dobrosavljevic 

Sites for the 2017 program

* Introduction: physics, the internet, and the world-wide-web


Learning about physics from the WWW

* NEW: Click here for the University of Colorado HTML5 PhET Simulations web site

*  Magnet Academy 

*  Want more? Have questions? Search the Web


*      Electric and Magnetic field:

       Electric Field Lines (PhET)
Magnetic field and compas

Electrical current and magnetic field

Faraday Experiment / more  

*     Using electric and magnetic fields: high energy particle accelerators as old-style TVs!

Old-TV as Electron Gun
Mass Spectrometer 
CERN accelerator applet 
YouTube Accelrator Rap         

      Refraction of light:
Tutorial and Applet (PhET)

          Geometric optics and lenses: demonstration and simulation (PhET)

*      Doppler Effect:

  Saturday Morning Physics is an outreach project of the Physics Department at The Florida State University that takes place during October and November every year.

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