David M. Lind
Associate Professor of Physics

Office Address
       Department of Physics and the
          Center for Materials Research
          and Technology (MARTECH)
       Florida State University
       405 Keen Building
       Tallahassee, FL 32306-4350

       (850) 644-6504
       (850) 644-1576 office
       (850) 644-9716 surface magnetism lab
                644-9851 thin-film growth lab

Current Courses Taught:
        PHY 2054C: College Physics B with Lab
     AST 1002: Planets, Stars and Galaxies
        AST 1002L: Introductory Astronomy Laboratory
     Professor Lind is the senior author of the Lab manual currently used at Florida State University for the AST 1002L lab class.

        1981, B.S. Physics, Brigham Young University, Provo Utah
        1984, M.A. Physics, Rice University, Houston Texas
        1986, Ph.D. Physics, Rice University, Houston, Texas
                 -- Rice, the smallest Division 1A university in the nation,

                    is the defending 2003 college world series (baseball)
                    champion!  Hot dang!

       November 29, 1956
       San Diego, California

       Married, wife Celeste, five children

Research Interests:
Experimentalist and Surface Scientist:

Specialization in Materials Synthesis and Magnetic Characterization:

Molecular Beam Epitaxy -- "engineer" artificial phases of materials, especially highly ordered thin films and superlattices of metal oxides.

Surface and Thin-Film Magnetism -- uses spin-resolved electron, neutron, and x-ray diffraction- based probes to study structural ordering and magnetic coupling at surfaces, in thin-films, and in layered structures.

Current emphasis is on the study of exchange-biasing and half-metallic ferromagnetism in oxidic single- crystalline multilayers such as Fe3O4/NiO and CrO2.



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