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Dr. Mark Riley

Chair and Professor, Ph.D., University of Liverpool, 1985
Office Address:
Mark Anthony Riley
Department of Physics
Florida State University
214 Keen Building
Tallahassee, FL 32306-3016
Phone: (850) 644-2867
Fax: (850) 644-8630

Position: Chair, Distinguished Research Professor and Raymond K. Sheline Professor of Physics


BS: University of Liverpool, UK 1981
PhD: University of Liverpool, UK 1985

Research Interest:

The unique strongly interacting aggregation of fermions that we call the atomic nucleus displays a remarkable diversity of phenomena and symmetries. Its behavior and structure continues to surprise and fascinate as unexpected properties are revealed by fresh experimental opportunities arising from increasingly sensitive instrumentation along with new accelerator developments. My research involves the detection of gamma-ray emissions from excited nuclei under extreme conditions (for example, excitation energy, angular momentum, proton or neutron number). Gamma-ray detection plays a vital and ubiquitous role in nuclear science and I am involved in performing experiments at FSU using the Superconducting Linear Accelerator Facility and the FSU Gamma-ray Array system. In addition, experiments are also performed at national laboratories in the US using Gammasphere, the world's most powerful gamma-ray detector array. To learn more about this exciting area of physics research see the Gammasphere highlights booklet that I put together (with help from many friends!) when I was first Chair of the Gammasphere Users Executive Committee (GSUEC). I was also Chair of the GSUEC in 2006 when I helped organize the "Ten Years of Gammasphere and Beyond" celebration meeting which also highlights many of the scientific discoveries so far using this remarkable device. High resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy is a rapidly developing field and I am a member of the national committee which is helping to develop the next generation gamma-ray facility for nuclear science in the US which is called the GRETINA-GRETA project.    

Member of the Nuclear Physics Group (Experiment)

Employment History:
1985-86: Research Associate: Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark
1987-88: Research Associate: Oak Ridge National Laboratory and The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA
1989-90: Advanced Fellow: The University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK
1990-94: Assistant Professor, Florida State University
1994-96: Associate Professor, Florida State University
1996-01: Professor, Florida State University
2001-present:  Raymond K. Sheline Professor of Physics, Florida State University
2003-2007: Associate Chairman, Department of Physics, Florida State University
2007-present: Chair, Department of Physics, Florida State University



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