The Florida State University
Xiong Research Group

The Xiong group at FSU conducts experimental condensed matter research in the following areas:

  • Mesoscale Physics

    • quantum phase transitions and fluctuation effects in 2D and 1D superconducting systems
    • semiconductor nanowire and carbon nanotube devices
    • nano magnetism
  • Correlated Electron Physics

    Magnetotransport and tunneling spectroscopy studies of materials with strong electronic and magnetic correlation.

  • Spintronics

    • spin-polarized transport in ferromagnet(FM)/normal metal, FM/superconductor, and FM/semiconductor hybrid structures
    • magnetic semiconductors
    • spin injection and detection.
  • Organic/Solid-State Hybrid Nanostructures

    • magnetically- and electrically-based nanoscale biosensors
    • nanoscale bio-mechanical devices
    • electron transport at organic/solid-state interfaces
    • molecular template-directed self-assembly of nanostructures