Invited Publications


Christianne Beekman
Science, 368, 32-33 (2020) (Perspective)
"Straining quantum materials even further"

Selected Peer-Review Publications


Naween Anand, Kevin Barry, Jennifer N. Neu, David E. Graf, Qing Huang, Haidong Zhou, Theo Siegrist, Hitesh J. Changlani & Christianne Beekman
Nature Communications volume 13, Article number: 3818 (2022)
"Investigation of the monopole magneto-chemical potential in spin ices using capacitive torque magnetometry"

Mykhaylo Ozerov, Naween Anand, L. J. van de Burgt, Zhengguang Lu, Jade Holleman, Haidong Zhou, Steve McGill, and Christianne Beekman
Phys. Rev. B 105, 165102 (2022)
"Magnetic field tuning of crystal field levels and vibronic states in the spin ice compound Ho2Ti2O7 observed with far infrared reflectometry"


Biwen Zhang, Yan Xin, Evguenia Karapetrova, Jade Holleman, Stephen McGill, and Christianne Beekman
Phys. Rev. Materials, 5, 085006 (2021)
"Growth and characterization of off-stoichiometric LaVO3 thin films."


Kevin Barry, Biwen Zhang, Naween Anand, Yan Xin, Arturas Vailionis, Jennifer Neu, Colin Heikes, Charis Cochran, Haidong Zhou, Y. Qiu, William Ratcliff, Theo Siegrist, and Beekman, Christianne
Phys. Rev. Materials, 3, 084412 (2019)
"Modification of spin-ice physics in Ho2Ti2O7 thin films"


Thompson, Christie J. and Reig-i-Plessis, Dalmau and Kish, Lazar and Aczel, Adam A. and Zhang, Biwen and Karapetrova, Evguenia and MacDougall, Gregory J. and Beekman, Christianne
Phys. Rev. Materials, 2, 104411 (2018)
"Spin canting and orbital order in spinel vanadate thin films"

Dildar, I. M., Boltje, D. B., Hesselberth, M. B. S., Beekman, C., and Aarts, J.
Vacuum, 148, 131-135. (2018)
"Mitigating target degradation in sputtering manganite thin films."


L. Li, Y. Zhang, L. Xie, J. R. Jokisaari, C. Beekman, J.-C. Yang, Y.-H. Chu, H. M. Christen, and X. Pan
Nanoletters 17, 3556 (2017)
"Atomic-Scale Mechanisms of Defect-Induced Retention Failure in Ferroelectrics"


J. Holleman, M.l M. Bishop, C. Garcia, J. S. R. Vellore Winfred, S. Lee, H. Nyung Lee, C. Beekman, Efstratios Manousakis, and Stephen A. McGill
Phys. Rev. B 94, 155129 (2016)
"Evidence for Impact Ionization in Vanadium Dioxide"

C. Beekman, W. Siemons, M. Chi, N. Balke, J. Y. Howe, T. Z. Ward, P. Maksymovych, J. D. Budai, J. Z. Tischler, R. Xu, W. Liu, H. M. Christen
Advanced Functional Materials
"Ferroelectric Self-Poling, Switching, and Monoclinic Domain Configuration in BiFeO3 Thin Films"

Yongsoo Yang, Christianne Beekman, Wolter Siemons, Christian M. Schlepütz, Nancy Senabulya, Roy Clarke1 and Hans M. Christen4
Applied Physics Letters Volume 4 Number 3
"Origin of thickness dependence of structural phase transition temperatures in highly strained BiFeO3 thin films"

S. Jesse, M. Chi, A. Belianinov, C. Beekman, S. V. Kalinin, A. Y. Borisevich & A. R. Lupini
"Big Data Analytics for Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Ptychography"


H. Guo, S. Dong, P. D. Rack, J. D. Budai, C. Beekman, Z. Gai, W. Siemons, C. M. Gonzalez, R. Timilsina, A.T. Wong, A. Herklotz, P. C. Snijders, E. Dagotto, and T. Z. Ward;
Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 256801 (2015)
“Strain Doping: Reversible Single-Axis Control of a Complex Oxide Lattice via Helium Implantation”

H. Dixit, C. Beekman, C.M. Schlepütz,, W. Siemons, Y. Yang, N. Senabulya, R. Clarke, M. Chi, H.M. Christen, and V.R. Cooper;
Adv. Sci. (2015), 1500041
“Understanding Strain-Induced Phase Transformations in BiFeO3 Thin Films”


A. T. Wong, C. Beekman, H. Guo, W. Siemons, Z. Gai, E. Arenholz, Y. Takamura and T. Z. Ward;
Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 052401 (2014)
“Strain driven anisotropic magnetoresistance in antiferromagnetic La0.4Sr0.6MnO3”

W. Siemons, C. Beekman, G.J. MacDougall, J.L. Zarestky, S.E. Nagler and H.M. Christen
J. Physics D: Appl. Phys. 47 034011 (2014)
“A complete strain–temperature phase diagram for BiFeO3 films on SrTiO3 and LaAlO3 (0 0 1) substrates”

W. Siemons, C. Beekman, J. D. Fowlkes, N. Balke, J. Z. Tischler, R. Xu, W. Liu, C. M. Gonzales, J. D. Budai, and H. M. Christen,
APL Materials 2, 022109 (2014)
“Focused-ion-beam induced damage in thin films of complex oxide BiFeO3”


C. Beekman, W. Siemons , T. Z. Ward , M. Chi , J. Howe , M. D. Biegalski , N. Balke , P. Maksymovych , A. K. Farrar , J. B. Romero , P. Gao , X. Q. Pan , D. A. Tenne, and H. M. Christen;
Adv. Mater. 25, 5561 (2013)
“Phase Transitions, Phase Coexistence, and Piezoelectric Switching Behavior in Highly Strained BiFeO3 Films”

C. Beekman, W. Siemons, T. Z. Ward, J. D. Budai, J. Z. Tischler, R. Xu, W. Liu, N. Balke, J. H. Nam, and H. M. Christen;
Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 221910 (2013)
“Unit cell orientation of tetragonal-like BiFeO3 thin films grown on highly miscut LaAlO3 substrates”


C. Beekman, A. A. Reijnders, Y. S. Oh, S. W. Cheong, and K. S. Burch;
Physical. Review. B 86, 020403(R) (2012)
“Raman study of the phonon symmetries in BiFeO3 single crystals”

C. Beekman, I. Komissarov and J. Aarts;
Physical review B 85, 245115 (2012)
"Large electric-field effects on the resistance of La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 microstructures”

I. Mubeen, C. Beekman, X. He and J. Aarts;
Physical Review B 85, 205103 (2012)
“Hall effect measurements on strained and unstrained thin films of La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 and La0.7Sr0.3MnO3”


S. Y. F. Zhao, C. Beekman, L. J. Sandilands, J. E. J. Bashucky, D. Kwok, N. Lee, A. D. LaForge, S. W. Cheong, and K. S. Burch;
Applied Physics Letters 98, 141911 (2011)
“Fabrication and characterization of topological insulator Bi2Se3 nanocrystals”

C. Beekman, J. Zaanen and J. Aarts;
Physical Review B 83, 235128 (2011)
“Nonlinear mesoscopic transport in a strongly cooperative electron system: the La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 microbridge”