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02/15/2017 Javon won the 1st Prize Award in the student poster competition of the APS Bridge Program Conference held in DC. His photo is also featured in an article highlighting the APS Bridge Program published recently in Physics Today.

08/30/2016 Yichuan's paper reporting the efficient and bright LEDs based on all-inorganic halide perovskites is published in Advanced Materials.

04/21/2016 Xi Wang won the 2016 Anna Jane Hendren Runyan Awards (FSU Physics).

03/03/2016 Xi Wang won the Student Poster Award at the 2016 FLAVS/FSM joint Symposium.

02/15/2016 Xi Wang Received the Evelyn and John Baugh Research Presentation Scholarship and the COGS Conference Presentation Grant in support of her presentation in 2016 APS March Meeting.

11/17/2015 Our work on Organo-metal Halid Perovskite LEDs is published in Advanced Materials and highlighted at the FSU frontpage and in, Science Daily.

10/01/2015 Our paper on Photoresponse in VO2 Nanowires is published in Nano Letters.

08/01/2015 Graduate Student Javon Knox joined the group. Welcome! Javon is supported by the APS-NSF Bridge Program.

05/01/2015 Graduate Student Yijun Du joined the group. Welcome!

09/01/2014 Postdoctoral Fellow Yichuan Ling joined the group. Welcome!

01/06/2014 Graduate Student Xi Wang joined the group. Welcome!

10/04/2013 New hires of the Energy and Materials Initiative are interviewed and aired on WFSU.

08/27/2013 The Energy and Materials Initiative is highlighted at the FSU frontpage.

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