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by Julie Montanaro, WCTV
The GAO Group at FSU conducts interdisciplinary research on nanoscience and nanotechnology. We are interested in creating new materials and photonic nanostructures for light capturing and light emitting using combined bottom-up growth and top-down methods. By studying electronic dynamics, plasmonic behaviors and light-matter interactions in the hybrid semiconductor and metallic structures, we hope to present solutions for solar energy harvesting and nanophotonics devices that are more miniaturized, cost effective, and energy efficient.

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02/11/2019 Xi's work on Suppressed Phase Separation in Mixed-Halide Perovskites is published in Nature Communications, and highlighted in FSU News,, and Science Daily.

12/12/2018 Xiujun's work on LEDs based on Composite Perovskites is published in Advanced Functional Materials.

08/10/2018 Zihan Zhang joined the group. Welcome!

05/04/2018 Our undergraduate student Frenando graduated with co-authorship in two published papers. Congrats!

04/17/2018 Xi Wang received the Clara Kibler Davis Scholarship. Congrats!

10/01/2017 Xiujun Lian and Dr. Zhi Chen joined the group. Welcome!

07/21/2017 Javon Knox, an APS Bridge Fellow in our group, has successfully defended his Master Thesis. Congrats!

07/04/2017 Yichuan and Lei's work on Enhanced Photoluminescence in Composite Perovskites is published in J. Phy. Chem. Lett.

06/29/2017 Xi's work on Dynamic Electronic Junctions in Hybrid Perovskites is published Nano Letters.

05/15/2017 Alex Retana, graduate student of physics, joined the group. Welcome, Alex!

05/10/2017 Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Lei Tan will join Genetech in San Francisco as an Associate Scientist. Congratulations and thanks for your contribution!

02/15/2017 Javon won the 1st Prize Award in the student poster competition of the APS Bridge Program Conference held in DC. His photo is also featured in an article highlighting the APS Bridge Program published recently in Physics Today.

08/30/2016 Yichuan's paper reporting the efficient and bright LEDs based on all-inorganic halide perovskites is published in Advanced Materials.

04/21/2016 Xi Wang won the 2016 Anna Jane Hendren Runyan Awards (FSU Physics).

03/03/2016 Xi Wang won the Student Poster Award at the 2016 FLAVS/FSM joint Symposium.



Our work gets highlighted

Fernando Graduated

Javon Receives APS Award


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